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We compare over 14 insurance companies in Ireland, do a quote online now or call us on 0818-222-555.

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Home Insurance

  • Compare all of Ireland’s top home insurers
  • You could save €100′s. Compare cheap home insurance quotes now with TopQuote.i.e, it’s quick and easy.

  • Most of our customers save on their home insurance
  • For the best value household insurance in Ireland, click below to get a quote or call us now and save on 0818-222-555.

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Find Cheap Car Insurance Now

Test We know that finding car insurance in Ireland isnt easy, thats why weve made things simple for you. You can compare Irish car insurance quotes of over 14 insurance companies with our service. We will help you to find the right policy – one that offers you the cover you need and importantly, comes at the right price. Find the best deals on car insurance in Ireland fast with

Specialist Car Insurance

We offer car insurance quotes for:

  • Young Drivers Car Insurance
  • Women’s Car Insurance
  • Classic Car Insurance
  • High Performance Car Insurance
  • Modified Car Insurance
  • Over 50′s Car Insurance
  • Student’s Car Insurance
  • First Timer’s Car Insurance

Specialist Home Insurance

  • Home Contents Insurance
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Landlords Insurance
  • Apartment Insurance
  • Holiday Home Insurance
  • Home Construction Insurance
  • Student Home Insurance
  • Mobile Home Insurance


Our Philosophy

At Top Quote we strive to provide our customers with competitive insurance products with the most comprehensive benefits packages available in Ireland – whether that be car insurance, home insurance or other.
Understanding the circumstances of each individual is paramount to our business ethos in order to provide the very best possible service, we concentrate exclusively on high quality insurance services.


Van Insurance

  • Most of our customers save €100′s on their van insurance for the cheapest van insurance in Ireland with the best value, click the button below and save, it’s quick and easy.
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Irish car insurance

Our Promise to You on Our Service –Car Insurance/Home Insurance/Van Insurance & Others

  • Understanding your personal circumstances.
  • Committed to finding you the right product
  • Dedicated to saving you time and money

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  • Helping you make an informed choice
  • Always giving you more value
  • Respecting your privacy at all times

Some of Our Trusted Partners

Some of our trusted partners

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